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Cool Parting Gift Ideas to Give Your Favorite Coworker na Nag-Resign

The worst part about working is not the heavy workload or the overbearing bosses (although they come close) — it’s having a coworker you like leave. Who else are you supposed to rant to when the projects get tough? But of course, you’re happy for them and you’d want to wish them well on their new journey. This list is dedicated to helping you find the best parting gift ideas for office mates that will cement you in their mind as the Best Former Coworker Ever.


Customized pillow of your faces

Design a customized pillow with a collage of your happy times, wacky faces, and embarrassing photos. This way, when they meet new colleagues, your ex-coworker won’t immediately forget that you guys are the Best Former Coworkers Ever. PhotoFusion’s customizable Body Pillow lets you include 30 photos in the collage. They even have a Human Doll Pillow where you can turn anyone into a 19-inch tall pillow.


Scented candles that are like warm hugs

These candles from Halina are more than just relaxing scents to fill the room, they’re labeled with encouraging statements too. There’s “Muling Susubok,” a lavender sage wood scent, “Hindi ka nag-iisa” with the aroma of frankincense and juniper, and  “Ikaw naman muna,” an earthy, floral, garden rain candle. These 100% soy wax scented candles start at Php 390 for 90 grams. Get them here.


Tote bags that keep it real

“Lowkey namumulubi”? Your ex-coworker can relate. These quirky tote bags from ANIYA CLOTHING are the perfect useful but low budget gifts not just for ex-colleagues but for any worker, really. Grab these for P150 each here.


Shirts that spit facts

This “Taong Bahay” shirt from Team Manila (Php 695) keeps it real calls *certain people* out as they are. You might even be tempted to buy one (or two) for yourself. And check out ANIYA CLOTHING’s playful shirts (Php 350), aren’t they a mood?


Lamps to brighten up their space

Because you know, now that you — ray of sunshine that you are — are not in their professional life anymore, their days will be gloomy. You might want to help brighten up their workspace or bedroom with beautiful lamps that set a relaxing mood. Check out this list of aesthetic lamps that set the proper mood for working.


A minimalist cake that speaks the truth

Minimalist cakes can say what we can’t. Thanks to the customizable features (down to the icing color, wow!), you can tell your ex-coworker anything and the cake will still be delicious. The only drawback is you can’t do the traditional smash-their-face-on-the-cake move because aside from the fact that you should never do that to anyone in the first place, minimalist cakes are works of art that don’t deserve to be ruined. Here’s where you can order minimalist cakes from.


Money tree because they need the luck

Pull a Seo Dalmi from Start-Up and give them a Money Tree for better financial luck. Many believe this plant symbolizes fortune and are mostly gifted for those forging their entrepreneurial path, moving into a new home, or, in your friend’s case, looking for another job. Bonus points if your friend is a plantito/plantita! Get a Money Tree from or


Sweatpants for lazy days job hunting

Last but not the least, you can gift your ex-coworker a pair of comfy sweatpants. These go with anything and can be worn literally anywhere but they’re best worn on the bed while scrolling through LinkedIn, panicking and looking for a job. They’re the perfect gift, don’t you think? Get these ones from DNE Manila starting at Php 295.


Do you have more ideas for going away gifts to colleagues?

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