Tips to Host an Outdoor Fall Party Your Guests Will Cherish Forever

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Fall is the season of reunions and parties with close friends and families. Be it Halloween or Thanksgiving, fall comes with a blend of joy and excitement. We wait for this season every year to create some precious memories.

Those who host a fall party every year always think about ways to make it better and more special than the previous year. If you’re one of them, we are here with the best tips you need to create a memorable outdoor fall party experience this year. Explore these amazing ideas!

How to Plan an Outdoor Fall Party?

 A fall party is usually better when it’s outdoors. To make it one of the most special fall parties you and your guests ever had, you need to start with smart and proper planning.

Tips to Host an Outdoor Fall Party Your Guests Will Cherish Forever

Here’s how to do it.

Decide Whether to Go Big or Small

First things first, how many people are you planning to invite? Decide if it’s going to be a small gathering or a bigger one.

Pick a Date and Time

Fix the date of your program considering your day-offs and convenience. Set a tentative time frame for when the party will start, when it will end, and how long will the guests be staying.

Plan Your Space

Select the outdoor space where you’ll be throwing the party. Plan how you will arrange the function within that space and how much of the space will you be utilizing for the party. Consider parking availability for guests too.

Make a Budget

Hosting a party is always a matter of some good expenditure. But you don’t have to spend more to host a great party. By being a little smarter, you can host even a better reunion on a smaller budget.

Make a Guest List

Don’t invite your friends before making a list. Make the list of people you want to invite and then start calling. You don’t want to regret later after inviting someone you shouldn’t have to a family gathering.

Decide the Menu

Decide beforehand what items you want on your party menu. And will you be cooking by yourself or hire a local chef instead? Include more seasonal fruits and vegetable dishes, such as pumpkin and apple items.

Plan the Entertainment

You don’t want your guests to get bored wandering around aimlessly at your party. Make separate arrangements for constant entertainment. Calling a local band to play music can be a great idea.

Clear the Paperwork

Almost every region has some rules and protocols for throwing a party. If you’re going to arrange a band, you might need permission from your local authorities.

Outdoor Fall Party Games

Tips to Make Your Outdoor Fall Party Cooler

Why not try something exceptional this fall? Check out the tips listed below to make your fall party stand out.

Set a Stage

Give your guests a center for attention. Set a stage at the center or a corner of your space with some chairs in front for enjoying performances.

Arrange Harvest Tables

Rustic and wooden themes are best for outdoor fall parties. What can be more rustic than harvest tables to serve the meals on?

Display DIY Mason Jar Silverware Holders

Nothing beats mason jars wrapped with thin rope or ribbons for creating more of a rustic feel. You can decorate your silverware or add fake candles in them.

Make a DIY Photo Booth

To add some fun to the environment of the party, you can make a DIY photo booth with props like DIY hats, mustaches, masks, goggles, and many other cool items. It’s also a great way to capture the memories of the party.

Outdoor Fall Party Photobooth

Feature a Dessert Table

Having a table that separately features the desserts will be the ultimate showstopper for the sweets lovers at the party.

Set Some Mini Food Bars

Imagine how great it will be with some mini food bars featuring fall items and other party appetizers and beverages. You can set up some of the following food bars.

  • Chili Bar: Heat up your party by setting up a chili bar with small appetizing dishes made with fresh, fall-harvested chili.
  • Caramel Apple Bar: Caramel apples are a big hit in the fall season, so why not feature it by setting up a caramel apple bar?
  • Pie Bar: Outdoor thanksgiving parties are incomplete without different pies made with fresh harvests. Display them at a pie bar.
  • Juice Bar: No matter how long your party lasts, serving fresh juice keeps your guests refreshed. Save the time and energy of serving and set up a juice bar for the guests to have their own when thirsty.
  • Cocktail Bar: A party hardly feels like a party without cocktails, does it? So, a cocktail bar is a must on the list. Don’t forget to add a thanksgiving margarita as a special fall featured cocktail to be served.
  • Hot Chocolate Bar: Give a treat to your chocolate lover friends and the kids with a hot chocolate bar.
  • Coffee Bar: Help your friends meet their thirst for hot served coffee after a meal by setting a coffee bar.
  • Ice cream bar: Ice cream bars featuring some unique flavors of ice cream will indeed be a great compliment for your party. After all, who doesn’t love ice cream?

Decorate with Painted Pumpkins

Fall parties generally feature the signature fall ingredient: pumpkin. Hence, adorn your party with some fun-painted pumpkins to enhance the fall vibe.

Add Some Tree Lanterns

If you plan to host your party in the evening, or if your party lasts until the evening, tree lanterns can be an elegant addition to create a delightful mood for the party.

Fall-Themed Table Decorations

Decorate the lunch or dinner tables with dry oak leaves and small bowls of nuts to create a fall theme.

Outdoor Fall Party Table

Have Pumpkin Flower Centerpieces

A very creative addition to your fall-themed dinner table can be a flower bouquet in a pumpkin vase as a centerpiece.

Blanket Stations for Evening

For an outdoor evening or dinner party, you can make a blanket station, which is a basket filled with rolled-up blankets to keep your guests warm.

Movie Night with Campfire

If your outdoor fall party lasts until the night, you can have a movie show along with a campfire to make it more special.

Arrangements for Kids

If your guests have kids, make sure you arrange something special for them to enjoy at the party too. How about the following ideas?

DIY Leaf Craft Games

Creative and fun games like making DIY crafts with fall leaves of different colors and shapes can be a great idea to keep young kids calm yet joyful.

Pumpkin Carving Competition

How can you miss the pumpkin carving competition at a fall party? This is what a fall party is all about for kids.

Decorating Snack Bags

Kids love to decorate their own snack bags and take them home a memory after having the snacks in them, so you can add an option for that.

Making Trail Mix

Do you remember how fun it was to make your own trail mix as a kid? Surely, the kids at your party will love it too.

Outdoor Fall Party Entertainment

Final Words

Fall comes only once every year, so try everything you can to make your fall party memorable and worth it. We hope these ideas will help you celebrate fall like never before. Best wishes for your party.

And happy Thanksgiving!



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