WATCH: Survival Game Anime ‘Platinum End’ from ‘Death Note’ Creators Unveils Trailer

The anime adaptation of Platinum End, from Death Note manga creators Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba, has finally dropped its first trailer!

Similar to Death Note, the upcoming series is about humans aiming to be god. But unlike the battle of wits that Light Yagami and L played, the new series’ competitors will face and fight each other head-on in a survival game that will decide who will become the new god of the Earth.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming anime series below:

The series follows Mirai, who jumps off a building to commit suicide only to be saved by an angel. The angel then reveals to him that he was picked to become one of the chosen humans who must play a survival game that decides who will be the next god of the world. Mirai may have an angel by his side, but he may need to think and act like a devil to win against his 12 rivals.

The anime series is directed by Hideya Takahashi and Kazuchika Kise, with an animation produced by SIGNAL.MD. It is set for release this fall (September to November). For more information, visit the official Platinum End website. You can also read some chapters of the manga for free at the Manga Plus website.

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